Artifact Player Base Drops to Almost 20% of Its All-Time Peak
Artifact Player Base
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The Artifact player base saw a massive drop since it launched on November 28. The day after the game launched, it earned a spot under the top five games on Steam by player count with a peak of over 60 000 concurrent players. If you take a look at the past few weeks’ player stats on Steam Charts, it shows a significant drop in concurrent players.

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The worst of it is that the concurrent players started with a massive decline on November 30, that means people played the game for about one day, then decided to move on. At the time of writing the stats show that the last 24-hour peak saw 11 596 concurrent players, with 7 578 players reported in the last hour. You can check it out on Steam Charts here.

Steam Charts

According to Steam Charts, the current Artifact player base puts the game at number 38, right under World of Tanks Blitz, and above The Elder Scrolls Online. I understand that collectable card games are a niche genre, and that Artifact contends with the likes of Hearthstone, but still, it dropped too soon, too fast.

Valve fans have been negative about Artifact since the day Valve announced the game. Can’t blame us, it’s not what we’ve been waiting for. Then there’s the issue of cost; unlike other digital card games, you first have to purchase the game, then you also have to pay to expand your deck.

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Valve, perhaps, banked too much on the eagerness of its massive fan base to play their next game.






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