Artifact South African Pricing, Card Packs & The Market
Artifact South African pricing
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Valve’s digital card game, based on Dota lore, released today and in the early hours of the morning, I simply had to try it out. While our review will only go up next week due to the sheer complexity of the game, my initial impression is that this is a game worthy of that Valve quality we all know and love. For local gamers who plan on getting into the game, we’ve outlined the Artifact South African pricing structure, from card packs to event tickets and how the game’s market is looking right now.

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Unlike most other digital card games, Artifact requires an initial purchase to play. This might already put some players off the experience as some great alternatives are free-to-play. Artifact will set you back R289 on Steam right now. For that purchase, you get two complete pre-made decks (red/blue), five event tickets and 10 card packs. This isn’t too bad at all, especially since you can have a great time playing the game without any additional purchases. However, if you do plan on playing competitively and you didn’t get extremely lucky with the first 10 card packs, you will need more cards to have the best shot during events.

Card Pack Cost

So one card pack in Artifact will set local gamers back R29. Each card pack contains 12 cards, with at least one rare card, which is the highest rarity in the game. The rest of the cards are commons and uncommons with one hero card and at least two item cards thrown into the mix.

I’ve opened 20 packs and although I didn’t get a single high-cost card yet, my collection is already looking quite formidable. Keep in mind that card pack costs are not affected by the market. If you do get lucky and get a high-tier card such as Axe, you can sell it right now for over R250 on the market. As with every other card game, you will get duplicates, which you can also sell or recycle for event tickets.

Artifact card packs

Event Tickets

The only way to get more card packs from playing the game is by entering events that require a ticket. You get five event tickets with your initial purchase. To get more event tickets, you will have to purchase them. The lowest bundle costs R72 and gives you five event tickets.

By entering an event, you spend a ticket and if you lose two matches, you are out. However, if you manage to win 3 matches, you will receive an event ticket. If you win four matches, you will receive an event ticket and a card pack. Finally, if you manage to win all five matches, you will receive an event ticket and two card packs for your troubles. Due to the sheer complexity of the game, I suggest not entering a ticket event for at least two weeks as you will need a lot of time just to learn enough to effectively compete.

Keep in mind that you can also recycle card (preferably duplicates) for an event ticket. From my initial card pack openings, I managed to get two event tickets from recycling, at a rate of 20 to 1.

The Market

The game’s market is directly connected to the Steam marketplace and you can sell your unwanted cards directly through the game, will almost instant success. The first few days will be rough, but even on launch, you can already get some common cards for less than R1. I suggest you wait to buy cards from the market, as the prices will come down the more cards people get. However, it is worth considering selling a card if you manage to get one with a value of between R200 and R300, as you will be able to purchase a lot of card packs for that one card and the price of that card will likely drop dramatically in a couple of week. Keep in mind that the Artifact South African pricing structure for the market will likely change a lot during the next few days.

Check out what the game’s market looks like right now in the screenshot below.

Artifact Market right now

We will have extensive coverage of Artifact in the coming weeks and months, with some tips going up early next week. For now, it is simply too early to say what is going on with the game but from my perspective, it looks like the most complex card game ever created and the cost actually isn’t that bad at all.

What do you think about the Artifact South African pricing structure? Let us know in the comment section below.

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