You have until 21 May 2020 to claim two free Assassin’s Creed educational experiences. Ubisoft announced that both Assassin’s Creed Origins Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt, and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece educational tours are now available for free. In addition, once you have them on your account, you own them forever.

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You can download the Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece and Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt from the Ubisoft website here. Keep in mind that you will need a Uplay account to do so.

While the discovery tours lack the intense action of the series, they make for a fantastic way to explore the gorgeous open worlds in both games. Users can travel through the regions and learn about the historic landmarks and stories in each game.

Head over to the store here and download these games. Keep in mind that they are only available on PC

Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece,

Travel throughout 29 regions and uncover hundreds of stations with tours on 5 different themes: philosophy, famous cities, daily life, war and myths to learn more about history of Ancient Greece.

Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt:

The Discovery Tour allows you to roam freely in the beautiful world of Ptolemaic Egypt. Learn more about its life, habits and customs by yourself, or let historians and Egyptologists guide you on one of the 75 available historical tours they have curated.

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