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Astro Bot Features 80 Levels Across 6 Galaxies – More Gameplay Details Revealed

Sony is giving its latest PlayStation mascot its own fully-fledged adventure on PS5. While the adorable robot had its own VR game on PS4, the PS5 launched with a tech demo-like experience. However, the upcoming game simply titled “Astro Bot”, is a large-scale adventure coming to PS5 later this year.

According to a press release, Astro Bot is much more than a bite-sized game this time around. PS5 owners are in for quite an exciting time as the platformer adventure will span across 80 levels in 6 distinct galaxies.

Each galaxy will feature its own themed environments including lush forests, sandy beaches, volcanic mountains and even frozen tundras. These biomes will play into the general gameplay in Astro Bot and offer various mechanics for players to overcome.

Enemies and boss fights will also follow the biome’s theme so players can expect to get whisked away to these well-imagined galaxies. There are over 70 new enemies to fight in Astro Bot. Each galaxy also hosts its own boss fight. There are also mini-boss fights throughout various levels.

As for Astro Bot itself, the robot will be able to take advantage of 15 unique abilities throughout the game. Each one will be vital for the world and galaxy players are exploring. However, similar to the PS5 tech package, each ability also explores the DualSense Controller and offers a unique experience across its features.

The Barkster is a Bulldog Booster that lets players dash through the air and smash through walls and enemies. The Twin-Frog is a long-range punching ability which players can use in combat but also to swing from ledges. There’s also a Giant Sponge where players can soak up water from the environment and carry it across to a new area.

Previous PlayStation mascots will return in Astro Bot in addition to new ones. Team Asobi hints that these characters will play a deeper role in the game. However, details are still under wraps about how deep these mechanics will go. By the sound of things, these mascots, like Kratos for example, will provide Astro Bot with abilities and at times, play alongside the robot.

Team Asobi is also adding a Die-and-Retry mode into Astro Bot for those who want a bit more of a challenge. This mode will see players restart the level if they die.

Astro Bot launches on 6 September for PS5. Pre-orders for the game open on 7 June. Catch up on the trailer below.

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