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ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review (PA602 Case, LC420 Cooler) – The Creator’s Dream

I spend a lot of time reviewing ASUS’ gaming hardware. Everything from its ROG to its TUF range comes by my office. This is the first time I have got my hands on something that is an entirely custom-built PC for content creation. The new ASUS ProArt lineup aims to deliver the same incredible performance and value we know from the brand but with a touch of sophistication.

Watch hands-on with the ASUS ProArt PA602 case below:

If you’re a creator, designer, video editor or just looking for a PC that isn’t plastered with gaming decals and RGB, this ProArt lineup is made for you. The entire build includes ASUS’ latest ProArt components. The case is the PA602 and inside, the brand has included the ProArt Z790 Creator motherboard, the ProArt RTX4060 GPU, the ProArt LC420 All-in-One Cooler, the Prime 850W Power Supply, 2 2TB SSDs and 64GB of RAM. As for the CPU, ASUS has included an Intel 14700K processor to power it all.

Let’s start with the ProArt PA602 case. This PC is like the Mac Pro for Windows users. Everything from its vented exterior grille to its large fans screams “production studio”. There are plenty of ports for all your external storage devices, displays and accessories. Not to mention ASUS has even thought of adding a lock switch to the power button so you, or someone else, don’t accidentally turn off the PC during a heavy export or render.

ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review - The Creator's Dream

It is quite a hefty PC case. It comes in at 560mm x 245mm and is 593mm tall. The case on its own weighs 15,8 kg without anything inside of it. So right now, we’re looking at a case well over 25KGs.

On the top, ASUS has included two USB Type-A 2.0 and two 3.0 ports. There’s a USB Type-C port in between these. There’s also a button to control the case’s fans, a power and reset switch and the awesome power lock toggle I mentioned earlier.

ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review - The Creator's Dream

The front of the case boasts this cool-looking grille design. The grills are quite spaced apart and curve inwards near the top. Not gonna lie, the front looks like the badass Ruiner helmet from Lords of The Fallen. Not only does this look awesome, but the front of the case is also smart.

It is completely toolless and includes an IR sensor that detects dust and tells you when it needs to be cleaned. This so-called “Smart Filter” then turns on a light when it needs cleaning. As someone who absolutely hates dust, this light will never go on, just saying. But it is a cool feature for those who don’t spend enough time cleaning their PCs.

ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review - The Creator's Dream

The case is also designed to be moved around. There are four wheels at the bottom which help move this oversized unit around. Again, helpful for studios when you need to set up render farms and export lines. You can just push this baby across the office and plug it into another outlet.

From a technical perspective, the case supports up to a 420mm radiator on the top with various fan slots all around the front and rear. It comes pre-installed with a 140mm fan on the rear and two giant 200mm fans in the front. Giant isn’t even the right word to describe these fans. They are humungous. The cooler included in this build is also the ASUS ProArt LC420mm all-in-one cooler.

ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review - The Creator's Dream

ASUS is pretty serious about cooling in this case. You can see this with the 420mm cooler support, large 200mm fans and there’s even a pretty stylish vent etched into the tempered glass panel to further help with airflow. This vent has been positioned to push air out of the case. All these fans are then connected to the fan hub on the backside of the case. It is also hidden away and took up way less space than I expected.

In terms of motherboards, the case supports EATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, DTX and Mini-DTX. ASUS included the matching ProArt Z790 motherboard in his build which I will dive into soon. The case then can house a GPU up to 450mm and even stack two of the same into one build. The GPU included in this build is the ASUS ProArt RTX 4060 but more on that in a bit.

ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review - The Creator's Dream

As for the customization, the ProArt PA602 has removable hard drive support. It can, however, house 4x 3.5-inch HDDs and 4x 2.5-inch SSDs. These storage mounts can be removed to make way for a longer power supply. This is important to note because the case easily fits a 190mm power supply into it. However, anything longer is going to be a tight fit. You can then remove a storage rack to make way for longer units.

I was quite impressed by the ASUS ProArt PA602 case. There’s a lot to enjoy here. While it is practical for those who need something like this, I really enjoyed the smaller attention to detail here and there. The vent on the tempered glass is sophisticated, the tool-less design makes it incredibly easy to fiddle around with, and even the front Smart Cover is something you won’t find elsewhere.

ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review - The Creator's Dream

Every time I explored the case, I found something new. The antenna storage compartment is super nifty, there’s even a little clip compartment to tidy up wires on the backside. I especially enjoyed the tool-less GPU holder that unscrewed on the back, let me install the GPU and secure it in place with this hinge-like mount. I wish all PCs had this – gaming or not gaming-related.

Not to mention ASUS even branded the front dust cover and front grille with a ProArt logo. You don’t see this until you remove the cover from the case. It is pretty amazing.

ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review - The Creator's Dream

Of course, this ProArt case is only further elevated thanks to the other ProArt components inside. The RTX 4060 is so clean with its gold text and sleek black shell. The cooler’s white LED light and cube design look like some sort of alien artefact. The white LED light is designed in a line and increases as the fan speeds up. The line grows longer the faster as the pump speed increases.

The motherboard is simplistic too with very subtle ProArt decals etched across some of the heatsinks. I especially enjoyed the translucent IO port modules where you can subtly see the metal backings of the motherboard ports.

ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review - The Creator's Dream

It all fits together in a gorgeous-looking ecosystem similar to how the ROG and TUF range belong together. It all works.

When it comes to the cable management, the case has a lot of freedom to neaten things up. The cable ties on the backside are also ProArt branded, of course, and with the components, the case provided a clean look and feel.

ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review - The Creator's Dream

I had to take this PC for a spin because it was too gorgeous to leave just sitting there. ASUS installed some editing software for me and I ran some benchmarks on the Intel 14th-Gen 14900K. This meant I was able to see just how well the ProArt LC420mm cooler worked. Here are some of the results I got.

CineBench R24 (70C) 

  • Multi-Core – 1872
  • Single-Core – 123

Geekbench 6

  • Single-Core – 2924
  • Multi-Core – 18804

It goes without saying that the ProArt range is also fully customizable through the built-in ASUS Armoury Crate. Here, you can monitor fan speed and CPU temperatures. If there was RGB, it would be tweakable here too. But the ProArt lineup ain’t about that life.

ASUS ProArt Creator Range Review - The Creator's Dream

My overall experience with this entire PC was fairly positive. I enjoyed how well ASUS brought to life this ProArt range with a bit more class. The lack of RGB actually makes me happy. I don’t use my own RGB on my PC already so this clean design was perfect. The whole range should be seen as a great option for designers and content creators looking to build a dedicated PC.

Included in this PC build:

  • ASUS ProArt Z790 Creator Motherboard
  • ASUS ProArt RTX4060
  • ASUS ProArt PA602 Case
  • ASUS ProArt LC420 AIO
  • ASUS Prime 850W PSU
  • Intel 14th-Gen 14700k
  • 2 x 2TB Kingston NVME SSD
  • 64Gb Kingston DDR5

You can find out more about the range by following this link. 

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