ASUS ROG Ally Launches in South Africa

In the midst of our current energy crisis, (not me calling out Loadshedding), one might be inclined to overlook a handheld gaming device as simply a means to get your gaming fix while you sit in the dark. As we found out, however, dynamite really does come in compact and attractive packages – enter the ASUS ROG Ally in South Africa. 

We were invited to attend the ASUS ROG Ally launch event at Copper Bar in Johannesburg. The venue was packed with media and content creators, all keen to get the low down on the sleek ROG Ally. Besides the incredible food and good company, we all got a chance to see the ROG Ally from more than just the viewpoint of a handheld gaming device. The area was split into 3 main sections: “Me Time”, “We Time” and “Pro Time.”

Check out the video from the ASUS ROG Ally Launch Event below

Me Time

Okay, admittedly, as much as I say that the ASUS ROG Ally is more than just a handheld gaming device, it’s going to be used for that at one point or another. “Me Time” was about exactly that – using the ROG Ally for your own personal gaming experience. It feels really comfortable in your hands – even for someone with small little lady hands. I dusted off my button-mashing skills for a little Tekken action and the gameplay was a surprisingly smooth experience.

We Time

We hopped on over to the cosy living room couch set up that 100% looks like something straight out of my house – the ASUS ROG Ally was docked next to the TV with controllers on the coffee table. The only thing missing from this picture from my life would be myself and my fiance fighting about who was supposed to swing at what time in some cute little co-op game. In this case, our production team was fighting over who dropped their end of the furniture in the river in Moving Out

Pro Time

You know you’ve entered the “pro zone” when there is a standing desk and an RGB keyboard and mouse. For gamers on the move, the ability to access your Steam library via an incredibly mobile device docked into a monitor is a real win – I also noticed that you can change your settings on the device to optimise your set up, depending on what you are docked into. 

Personally, after getting a hands-on experience with the ASUS ROG Ally and the various ways that you can use it in your home to get the most out of your gaming experience, I have just updated the wish list for both my birthday and Christmas to include one of my very own. Above all, the “We Time” set-up is at the top of my list – esthetically and practically.

If you would like to get your hands on an ASUS ROG Ally, check out the order program here. We have also reviewed the device on the site. Read it here or watch it down below.

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