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Atomic Heart Development in Shambles According to a Report

Atomic Heart is one of 2023’s most anticipated titles and so far, the game looks impressive. However, there are now warning signs surrounding the game’s development and the gameplay we have seen so far. According to the report, much of the game’s content which has been released up to now doesn’t actually represent the finished product. Most of it is fake CG demos made to represent gameplay. The report claims that Atomic Heart’s overambitious scope has caused the chaos at developer Mundfish.

To make matters worse, it seems that a playable build of Atomic Heart has also leaked online so it is just a matter of time before users get to see the actual gameplay for themselves.

The report comes from where the site claims that the developers at Mundfish have suffered from some harsh mismanagement over the game. The report claims that most of Atomic Heart’s milestones and dates for its development cycle have not been reached even though the game now has a release date of February 2023. The console version of the game s particularly in shambles.

The site also claims that there has been some severe crunch implemented into the studio to make sure the game gets completed in time for the launch. Staff that were promised bonuses also didn’t receive them. Some claim that management forces them to work through weekends and holidays. They even set up meetings at irregular times.

Much of the report details the drastic changes made to Atomic Heart after investor meetings. Every annual quarter, investors demanded significant changes to the project which hindered development. As a result, much of the gameplay we have seen up to now in trailers turns out to be faked. This was done to give gamers the impression of a polished game.

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The report claims that in 2020, the entire art team behind the project resigned from Mundfish and soon after, the whole QA team left too. This has forced Mundfish to hire contractors to do most of the work.

According to actual leaked gameplay images, the game doesn’t look bad at all. However, testers claim that it is currently an unoptimized mess. Even using an RTX 3080 at 1080p, the game struggles to hit 60fps with DLSS enabled. The report claims that the raytracing pipeline in the game is currently affecting performance.

The person who obtained the game for testing claims that the first 30 minutes of Atomic Heart feels like a “walking simulator”. You can take a look at the leaked photos here.

We are still a few months away from playing Atomic Heart but at the moment things don’t sound good at all. We can only hope developer Mundfish releases a statement or some actual gameplay to see before the game launches next year. At the moment it sounds like Atomic Heart is just smoke and mirrors.


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