Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Gets February 2023 Release Date

Mundfish has finally announced the release date for the anticipated Atomic Heart game. The game was originally set to launch this year but sadly was delayed to next year. Players can look forward to jumping into this over-the-top shooter on 21 February 2023. Atomic Heart will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It is also launching on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

We have covered Atomic Heart a lot in the past few months (even years). The game was announced back in 2018 and from the moment it was revealed, it grabbed the attention of gamers everywhere. By the look of things, it aims to blend the superpower mechanics of the Bioshock series with some fast-paced shooting from the DOOM series.

Atomic Heart is based on an alternate history where the Soviet Union used advanced robots to defeat Nazi Germany back in 1941. The game is set in 1955, a few years after the victory. Players take on the role of an unstable KGB special agent named P-3 who is sent to go investigate a manufacturing facility that has gone silent. He arrives to discover that the robots have now bioengineered themselves to take over the world. He needs to destroy everything in sight. Sound fun.

Atomic Heart is now available for pre-order too across all platforms. Check out the latest trailer announcing the release date below.

A system failure at Soviet Facility № 3826 leads machinery to rebel against the people. You are Major P-3, Private Agent, and your task is to minimize the consequences of this ‘systems failure’ and prevent the leakage of classified information. To succeed, you’ll have to do your homework and study every deadly foe to avoid becoming their next victim, for secret experiments have led to the emergence of terrifying mutants, implacable machines, and bloodthirsty creatures.

Source: Mundfish

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