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Atomic Heart in Polishing Phase – PS4 Performance Stable, Multiple Endings Confirmed

Atomic Heart, you know that Soviet Union-set shooter where you play as that freakishly attractive Russian with those really pretty hands? Well, it is almost done with development. Studio Mundfish shared an update on the game while also detailing how it is currently running on PS4. Atomic Heart was announced back in 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One. The studio has since announced dedicated PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Atomic Heart that will release at the same time.

Even with the cross-gen versions existing, Mundfish promises that the last-gen editions of Atomic Heart aren’t taking the back seat. The developer claims that the performance on PS4 and Xbox One is “good” and “stable” at this stage.


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Mundfish shared the update on Discord about the launch window for Atomic Heart saying:

“Usually, developers are very careless about the release date, they postpone it and keep saying ‘tomorrow”. But everything is not as simple as it seems from the outside: the release date affects communication with publishers, it will affect the schedule of Xbox Game Pass, which Atomic Heart is a part of as well as featuring in stores and the global network of major releases (where everything is adjusted to fit each other).”

In the same post, they also revealed that Atomic Heart will have multiple endings depending on the player’s choice. However, don’t bank on an RPG experience in the game. While the ending will change depending on your decision, it sounds as if this is strictly a feature for the story’s finale. The rest of the game is mostly linear according to Mundfish.

“We’ve put an important moral choice in the hands of the player closer to the finale, because we want to nudge the community to argue and discuss about the themes that we have laid out in the story. We want you to draw your own conclusions and make your own decision, not being influenced by forces from above.”

Atomic Heart is expected to launch in the coming months but no exact release date has been revealed. Bank on it making its way to your gaming platform in early 2022 at this stage. The game is also headed to Xbox Game Pass.

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