Has the August PlayStation Plus Lineup Possibly Leaked?
May PlayStation Plus
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We are not even halfway through the month of July but it seems we might already know what is coming to the August PlayStation Plus lineup next month. According to photos sent to us by a reader, two games were spotted bearing the PlayStation Plus “free” tag on the store which could be pointing to any one of them being the free games next month.

The photo shows off both Star Wars: Battlefront II and UFC 3 both listed as “free” with the PlayStation Plus tag on them. Now, it would be a long stretch to claim both of these EA Games would be coming to the August PlayStation Plus lineup but either one would be great.

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It would also make a lot of sense for EA to give away Star Wars: Battlefront II in the weeks ahead in preparation for the launch of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order set to release in November 2019. As for UFC 3, it would be a great addition to the instant games collection too and quite a pricey one to give to players.

But take this as a rumour right now. We are still a good two weeks premature for an official August PlayStation Plus announcement from Sony and if these games will be the ones we get for free, it would be pretty great. Until Sony actually confirms anything, just hang on purchasing any one of these two titles if you planned on doing so.

It would be a great opportunity to get players back into Star Wars: Battlefront II should Sony release it as a free game next month. The game has since received a massive overhaul to its loot box system and is not half bad now.

What do you think of these two games being part of the August PlayStation Plus lineup? Let us know down below.






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