Australian Apple Watch Series 4 Owners Suffering From Reboot Loops Due to Daylight Saving Time
Apple Watch
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It seems that the more we think Apple can deal with Daylight Savings Time, the more they cannot. According to 9to5Mac, Apple Watch Series 4 owners in Australia are having a tough time with their devices due to a reboot loop caused by a DST bug.

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The reboot loop is caused by a bug in the Infograph Activity complication that occurs when the time is set forward by an hour. Australia had to move their clocks forward yesterday when DST kicked in and since then, the issues have been popping up. Users report that you can wait until tomorrow for the bug to go away or remove the complication from the Apple Watch using your iPhone. The missing hour in the day is the root of the issue.

While this may seem like a minor problem, Europe and the US will also be changing over to DST in November so if Apple does not fix this issue they will too be suffering from the reboot loop. Another problem is that people will be losing any sort of activity streaks due to their Apple Watches being completely shut off for an entire day.

The funniest thing about this bug is that this is not Apple’s first issue with DST. In fact, in the early days of iOS, there was an alarm bug that caused user’s alarms to not go off. This happened a few times in iOS with the latest alarm bug on iOS 11 in December last year. Apple surely does not fend well with Daylight Saving Time and we hope that they one day just get it right.






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