The Last of Us Part II Logo Replaced With “A Very Angry Lesbian” at Australian Retailer
"Someone is getting fired."
The Last of Us Part II PS4 A Very Angry Lesbian
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The Last of Us Part II is out on Friday and if you have not pre-ordered it yet, you should. While I thought it had some plot holes and tedious gameplay, it is a platform-defining experience that all gamers should experience. You can read my review here. With the lead up to the game, retailers have started putting in-store activations together. An Australian retailer called JB Hi-Fi might be in some hot water for theirs. An image popped up on Reddit showing of JB Hi-Fi’s The Last of Us Part II in-store activation with the box art of the game. However, instead of the game’s logo, it reads “A Very Angry Lesbian.”

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Someone at JB Hi-Fi clearly put a lot of effort into this replacement as it uses the same font too. According to Reddit users, the box in question has since been taken down. However, it was too late as the image is already online. It was clearly done in jest, but it may be seen as offensive to some. The “A Very Angry Lesbian” reference refers to the lead character “Ellie” in the game. Trailers and insider videos have revealed that she is one angry survivor in The Last of Us Part II. It won’t take much to see that. We also know Ellie is a lesbian. This was revealed way back in 2014 in the “Left Behind” story spinoff.

Sony and Naughty Dog have been quite open about Ellie’s sexual orientation with reveals and trailers showcasing her relationship with her girlfriend. Something that should be natural to any gamer. This is pretty funny, but some may disagree. Don’t you think? Be warned that the Reddit thread where the image appeared may contain some predicted in-game spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

The Last of Us Part II A Very Angry Lesbian

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