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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Disc Version Requires Download to Play

Ubisoft’s Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be released later this week and users who managed to get their hands on the game early have been blocked from accessing it on console. According to a Reddit user Interesting-Squash81, the disc version of the game won’t work without a day-one update.

After inserting the disc, the Reddit user claims that launching the game does nothing. Instead of loading into the game itself, it shows an image of the game’s logo with a December 7, 2023 date.

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The same user says that even changing the date on their console and going offline resulted in the same issue. It is simply unplayable to the point where you can’t even launch Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora without a network connection.

It is unclear how Ubisoft managed to get around this and prevent users from launching their games. It seems there’s something on the disc which blocks users from doing anything until a patch is downloaded. This means the game disc shipped with this system in place, and Ubisoft intended to block access for those without internet access.

This is also strange because the original game box art doesn’t list  “internet required to play” anywhere on it. However, users claim the final version, which they now have in their hands, does include this information.

It will be interesting to see why Ubisoft locked down access to Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Does the game have performance and bug issues which Ubisoft was aware of and needed to patch before launch? Who knows at this point, However, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is just a few days away so we’ll have to see how the launch pans out.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora launches on 7 December for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

My physical copy arrived early. For a second I was hopeful it would work, but i got bamboozled…TSAHEY
byu/Interesting-Squash81 inFrontiersOfPandora

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