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Avowed Release Date Listed Before Obsidian Removed It

Avowed, the upcoming RPG from The Outer Worlds developer Obsidian Entertainment, got a brand new trailer during last night’s Xbox Games Showcase. However, fans were disappointed to discover that, despite the game launching within the next six months, it didn’t include a release date. It turns out that recent blog from the studio actually listed the release date before it was swiftly removed for some reason.

Discussing the latest story trailer for Avowed on its official website, Obsidian Entertainment revealed that the game will launch on 12 November 2024. However, the post was quickly corrected to remove all mentions of that release date.

The original post before it was edited mentions:

“The last few months at Obsidian Entertainment have been fast-paced and exciting. Since we saw you at the Xbox Developer Direct this past January, we’ve been busy with Avowed getting it ready for release on November 12, 2024. Today, we’re thrilled to have revealed our first-ever story trailer at Xbox Games Showcase 2024, and to talk with you more about what we’ve shared.”

Fans speculate that Avowed will receive a deep dive into the gameplay at some point in the next few months where the official release date will be announced closer to the time, possibly to account for any potential delays. We’ve seen it happen far too often in the gaming industry where games which seemingly have firm release windows suddenly get pulled out of them ahead of time (see Starfield as a recent example), so it seems like Xbox isn’t setting anything in stone yet.

In related news, Obsidian Entertainment released a trailer for Avowed last year which gave us a closer look at the first-person fantasy gameplay, magical abilities and duel-wielding wands. Unfortunately, those seeking a more intimate RPG experience won’t find it in Avowed as the studio also stated that it won’t include romance options.

If the listing is correct, then Avowed will launch on 12 November 2024 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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