If you have been spending hundreds of hours mauling down Ridden in Back 4 Blood and need more then you’ll be happy to know that Turtle Rock has announced the content roadmap for the shooter. The developer shared its plans for the co-op zombie game that includes content releasing in December and all the way into 2022.

The new Back 4 Blood content includes new co-op modes, Cleaners, maps, fixes and features. One of the most requested features, the ability to earn supply points while playing single-player, is also on its way.

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Turtle Rock says that every update for Back 4 Blood is free. This includes all-new modes, bug fixes and Supply Lines. Of course, there are also new expansions coming our way but these won’t be free. Users can purchase these using the annual pass or separately at launch. The first expansion, Tunnels of Terror, is set to arrive in 2022.

Thankfully, users don’t have to wait long to get a new game update. Turtle Rock plans on releasing a new substantial update in December that adds solo offline mode with campaign progression, Supply Lines and more.

Back 4 Blood Content Roadmap

The content roadmap is as follows:


  • Quality of Life improvements/bug fixes


  • New Supply Lines
  • Ridden practice area
  • Holiday seasonal event
  • Solo offline mode with campaign progression
  • New card type
  • All new cards


  • New difficulty level
  • New Player cards
  • New Corruption cards
  • Melee updates
  • Quality of Life improvements

If you are waiting for actual new content, it may take a while. The first expansion is only due out next year. The annual pass includes three large expansion packs. In addition, users will get new skins, cleaners and a new activity mode when these expansions arrive.

It seems that Back 4 Blood has a solid future ahead of it. The game is great and offers some intense co-op action. It will be interesting to see where the game lands up in a few months as new content and updates roll out.

Source: Twitter

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