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Back 4 Blood Locks Progression, Achievements and Stat Tracking in Solo Mode

If you’re excited to play Back 4 Blood alone then don’t get your hopes up just yet. The Left 4 Dead successor doesn’t have an exciting way to experience the game in Solo Mode due to the way it handles your progression. Players who got their hands on the Ultimate and Deluxe Edition, which comes with 4-day early access, discovered that almost all of the game’s features are locked on Solo Mode. Players can’t track their in-game stats, earn supply points to unlock new cards or unlock achievements or trophies for completing specifics tasks.

At the moment, this news isn’t good. Back 4 Blood has been advertised as a single-player game alongside its online co-op features but the locked progression makes the Solo Mode pointless. However, Turtle Rock Studios claims to be aware of the frustration and are working on a fix. Don’t expect it to arrive any time soon as the studio now has to come up with a way players can enjoy Solo Mode and all the online mode’s features without exploiting them in any way.

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Players who jumped into the Back 4 Blood Solo Mode are greeted with a message warning them about the locked content. According to the message, players who decide to play the Solo Campaign need to take note of the following:

“Uses solo decks created in the Fort Hope deck menu.

Maps and objectives will be adjusted.

Matchmaking and player invites are disabled.

Earning Supply Points is disabled.

Stat tracking is disabled.

Earning progress towards Accomplishments is disabled.”

Most of the features mentioned above are reasons why we play games. Back 4 Blood locks out most of the game’s progression especially Supply Lines which enable players to purchase new cards for their decks. In addition, the lack of achievement and trophy earning is also a massive letdown. You also won’t be able to track any of your stats for all those hard hours of work you put into the game.

Keep in mind that even though Back 4 Blood includes this frustrating Solo Mode, it also requires an online connection to play the game. It makes very little sense to lock all of this out of the game when you still need to connect to a server in order to play the shooter.

Turtle Rock Studios says they have heard the frustration and are looking into a way where players can earn progress while playing in Solo Mode. When will this arrive? We have no idea. For now, just play online and matchmaker alone if you want to earn progression.

Back 4 Blood is out tomorrow, 12 October for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC. We will have a full review to share on the game when it launches tomorrow.

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