Back 4 Blood PC Features Detailed
"Ultra-Wide Support and more"
Back 4 Blood PS5 PS4 Xbox Series X S Turtle Rock Studios Back 4 Blood PvP Swarm Mode
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Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios have detailed the features PC players can expect to see when Back 4 Blood releases on 12 October this year. The upcoming shooter will boast some PC exclusive features that make use of your fancy hardware if you own some.

In the trailer, Turtle Rock Studios reveals that Back 4 Blood will include up to 4K resolution support on PC with an uncapped frame rate. It also boasts NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) that improves the game’s resolution and frame rate without compromising on the quality of the game and the hardware running it.

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For those of you who own multiple monitors and ultra-wide displays, Back 4 Blood also includes support for multiple monitors so you can extend your viewing experience beyond your traditional display. You can also make use of ultra-wide monitors if you own one as the game can reach up to the 21:9 aspect ratio.

Turtle Rock Studios also says that Back 4 Blood includes other graphical options to choose from. These include a motion blur toggle, Field of View slider and a range of image quality settings including shadow and texture quality.

PC players can also team up with their friends on other platforms thanks to the cross-play support in Back 4 Blood. The game supports cross-play between PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

If you want to give the game a whirl before it releases then you can. The Back 4 Blood pre-order beta kicks off on 5 August and runs up until 9 August. The following week, everyone can jump into the beta as the open test starts on 12 August and runs up until 16 August.

Catch up on the latest trailer down below that shows off the PC features in action.

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