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Baldur’s Gate 3 Might Get Physical Release If There’s Enough Interest

Upon release, the only way players could purchase Baldur’s Gate 3 was digitally as a physical edition was never released – unless you live in Japan, of course, which is the only country where you can currently purchase a physical copy of the RPG. However, it seems like developer Larian Studios might have plans for a wider global release of a physical edition if there’s enough interest from players.

Larian’s director of publishing recently asked fans on Twitter if they’d buy a physical version of Baldur’s Gate 3, suggesting that the company might have plans to release the acclaimed game physically in the near future. Given the game’s enormous size, it’s also possible that it will have to ship on two discs for PS5 – something that’s becoming quite common now with games like Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth also coming packaged with two blu-ray discs.

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It seems like Larian Studios is trying gauge whether or not fans would want a physical version of Baldur’s Gate 3. As far as game preservation goes, there’s certainly an argument to be made for why that’s a great idea. Even on PS5, the game is currently only available to purchase digitally which more or less limits its potential reach to some players who may not have the capacity to download the large file size. We’ll just have to wait and see if the response was good enough for Larian to land on a decision.

In other news, a new update was recently released for Baldur’s Gate 3 that shaved (or reshaved) His Majesty the cat after player backlash. The devil Raphael’s original design was also reverted after fans said they preferred his brown hair over the updated black hair. Recently, Minthara voice actress Emma Gregory said that she was back in the studio, potentially recording new lines for the evil-aligned character. Fans believe that Larian plans on adding more compelling content for Minthara as she’s one of the more under-utilised companions in the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available for PS5 and PC. An Xbox Series X/S version is on its way later this year.

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