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Batman Beyond Animated Movie Concept Art Shown by Spider-Verse Producer

Concept art for a Batman Beyond movie pitch from the producers behind the Spider-Verse movies have been revealed. Yuhki Demers, the production designer and producer behind Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, recently posted a handful of images showing off early concept art that they pitched to Warner Bros. Pictures.

According to Demers, there was doubt that they would be able to make a Batman Beyond movie, so they put together some concept art and illustrations to give executives at Warner Bros. Pictures an idea of the animated movie’s tone and style. For the most part, it uses the same excellent comic book-inspired art design of the Spider-Verse movies, only featuring Batman Beyond in a cyberpunk-esque world.

Demers explained on Twitter/X:

“Before we pitched, they warned us โ€˜There is absolutely no way we can do a Beyond movieโ€™, but they loved our enthusiasm. We pitched the outline for the entire film, and what started as a ‘never’ turned into a ‘maybe.’ In the time since, we’ve been pitching our way up the company hoping to get to James Gunn. But for now, here’s a taste of what we’ve been cooking.”

As a result, fans frantically began tagging James Gunn, who is currently the head of the revamped DCU, to greenlight the animated movie. Gunn hasn’t officially responded to the pitch yet, though we suspect that it won’t be long before we hear more about the project considering the amount of traction it has already gained online.

Batman Beyond gained popularity after the award-winning 1999 animated series which took place in a futuristic Gotham. Bruce Wayne, now in his old age, mentors a teenager named Terry McGinnis to pick up the mantle as Gotham’s next Dark Knight.

Source: Yuhki Demers

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