Batman: Court Of Owls Video Game Teased by Comic Writer

Batman video game Court of Owls Scott Synder
Batman: Court Of Owls Video Game Teased by Comic Writer

A few weeks ago we reported on the possibility of a new Batman Arkham video game being teased by Roger Craig Smith, the voice of Bruce Wayne in the Arkham Origins game. Yet another teaser has now been dropped which points towards Batman: The Court of Owls being quite real according to Batman comic writer Scott Synder and a cryptic tweet from WB Games.

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In celebration of the Batman 80th anniversary, WB Games Montreal tweeted a video of the Bat-Signal on the side of a building but if you look very carefully at the video, it glitches out and reveals three symbols during the clip.

Scott Synder retweeted the video (now deleted) saying “Wait for it #Bewarethecourtofowls. But the real mystery is in the video itself. The three symbols have clearly been placed to send a teaser of something to come. While the symbols are quite clear if you time the pause button perfectly, they don’t show off any hint as to when we will see the game being announced.

The retweet and the symbols clearly give us an indication of the next Batman game being part of the Court of Owls series. Scott Synder is the author of the modern Batman story arcs that introduced readers to the dark group that run all of Gotham City. It is not the first time we have hears rumours of the upcoming game being set in in the story arc.

It does seem we have a while to go before WB Games announces anything and even if they do, we most likely won’t see the game release in 2019. Whatever the Batman: Court of Owls video game is, we cannot wait to see more of it in the coming months.

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