DC and Warner Bros. Games could be announcing their latest new video games very soon. New domains have been registered that directly reveal the possible upcoming titles from Rocksteady and Warner Bros. This includes domains for both “Batman Gotham Knights” and “Suicide Squad“, both possible next-gen Rocksteady games.

Warner Bros registered three domains including;

  • gothamknightsgame.com
  • suicidesquadgame.com
  • suicidesquadkillthejusticeleague.com


Warner Bros Montreal has been teasing a new Batman game reveal for months now and it seems Batman Gotham Knights could be the next entry in the series they have been working on. Previous teasers included strange markings and symbols released on social media pointing to a Court of Owls-related story. A few weeks ago we heard that the new Batman Gotham Knights game was meant to be announced at E3 2020. However, after the event was cancelled, the studio pushed it back.

As for Suicide Squad, this title is apparently in development at Rocksteady too. We know very little about this title so far. Only that Rocksteady has been hard at work on the game for years.

We don’t know if Warner Bros and Rocksteady plan on revealing the two games soon or if they are holding out until the DC Fandome event on 22 August 2020. However, any news that beaks we will share as soon as possible.

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