Battleborn Gets Laid to Rest This Weekend as Servers Close Down
Battleborn Servers
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It is always hard to say goodbye to a video game especially when you enjoyed playing it with friends. On 31 January 2021, Gearbox will turn off the Battleborne servers for good and bury its once paid, turned free-to-play shooter. Battleborn released back in 2016 in the same month as Blizzard’s Overwatch. The game had a lot in common with the now-popular shooter including multiple unique characters and a heavy emphasis on teamwork. Unfortunately, Overwatch was just a better game and completely overshadowed Battleborn.


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In 2017, Gearbox then turned Battleborn into a free-to-play game which helped the title’s popularity to a certain extent. However, the spike in players did not last as long as the developer hoped and the players base started to dwindle. Gearbox managed to keep the game alive with a handful of DLC drops including new characters such as the cute yet killer bird Ernest, Pendles and more.

Needless to say, Battleborn will be put to rest this weekend as Gearbox plans on shutting it down on 31 January 2021. If you have any trophies or achievements you want to earn before the game goes offline forever, best get to them before it is too late. Hell, I might just jump into the game one last time for fun.






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