Battlefield 1, Hardline and BF4 Servers are Being Attacked by Cheaters

"EA remains silent"

Battlefield 1 Hardline DDoS Attacks Hackers Cheaters
Battlefield 1, Hardline and BF4 Servers are Being Attacked by Cheaters

While EA are still dealing with the fallout of Battlefield 2042, it looks like older titles are also being given some grief. Battlefield 1, Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 are all being targeted with numerous ongoing DDoS attacks by cheaters and hackers. EA remains silent about the ordeal.

As reported by MP1st, older Battlefield titles such as Battlefield 1 and Hardline are still experiencing nasty DDoS attacks to this day. While there has been efforts to ban cheaters and hackers, some still go through the cracks and continue to cause problems for other players. EA have yet to address the ongoing issues, which is upsetting the community.

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One example covered is a cheater on Battlefield Hardline who is rank 150. Apparently the hacker has been giving server moderators problems for a few years now, generally trolling and ruining games for other players. This hacker’s profile is also hidden, so there’s no way to identity the culprit.

Over on the servers for BF3 and BF4, moderator MadDog and their clan CeltS altogether abandoned their servers when they got fed up about issues where cheaters would log into the server and crash it. They tried moving datacenters and hiding IPs but it didn’t work either. The issue was never resolved by the developers.

According to one player, all it really takes is a random cheater or hacker joining a server as a spectator, then inputting a bunch of “weird symbols and characters” in the chat, causing the server to crash and disconnect everyone while also deleting their progress. Understandably, this has been infuriating for many players who have also left these games entirely.

The issue seems to be ongoing and unless EA can look back and provide some fixes or assistance in dealing with cheaters and hackers more efficiently, most players are angry enough to abandon these games and simply move on.

Source: MP1st

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