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Battlefield 2021 May Not Include a Story Campaign

Battlefield 2021, or Battlefield 6 (we’re not sure what it is called right now), won’t include a dedicated story mode according to a new report. For those who are fans of the series, you would know that the story and campaign aspect of the Battlefield game has been a staple since its debut back in 2002. However, DICE and EA seem to be ditching the mode in order to align the upcoming game with their so-called 5-year plan.

Battlefield 5, while it suffered from some nasty feedback due to its changes to the multiplayer mode, still delivered a solid single-player story. The same went for Battlefield 1. However, the new game won’t have this mode to fall back on and will be an online-only PvP game. This is according to reliable source Tom Henderson.


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According to Henderson, he claims that EA has yet to talk about the Battlefield campaign in the upcoming game. This goes for both his inside sources and the company’s recent earnings calls where they only dropped tidbits on the PvP mode.

“I had to look back at the past EA earnings calls, but this is the first earnings call (prior to a reveal) where EA has not mentioned a campaign coming to this year’s Battlefield. Could be something… Could be nothing. As I’ve mentioned for the past couple of months, I’m yet to hear of a campaign. It doesn’t mean there isn’t one, but it’s very, very unusual to not hear of one in an info dump.”

Henderson also took to Twitter to back up his previous claims regarding the game’s “backstory”. We previously reported that Battlefield 2021 would be set in 2023 and follow the world in a war related to advanced weather control technology. Henderson claims that he stands by this setting and just because the game has a backstory, does not mean it will have a single-player campaign. This makes complete sense.

Keep in mind that as all Battlefield 2021 leaks go, take this with a pinch of salt for now.EA Games and DICE have yet to confirm the lack of a campaign in the upcoming Battlefield so until we get the news from the horse’s mouth, don’t take this as confirmation.

Source: Twitter

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