Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale Mode is Not Happening Says EA
"No Battle Royale, just something that sounds like it"
Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale Mode Battlefield Hub NVIDIA DLSS
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After the rather flashy Battlefield 2042 reveal yesterday, many gamers are wondering what is in store for the shooter when it releases in October. We know the game includes the classic modes such as Conquest, a new All-Out Warfare mode, Breakthrough and this new mode called Hazard. EA claims that this Hazard Mode, as much as it sounds like a battle royale game, is not. In addition, the company claims they have no plans to release a Battlefield 2042 battle royale mode, like ever.

According to the official description for the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Mode, players are dropped into a high-stakes, squad-based game type which is said to be a modern take on the multiplayer experience. Again, it is not a battle royale even if the words “dropped into” and “squad-based” made you believe it is.


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EA is also working on an unannounced Battlefield 2042 game mode that is described as a love letter to Battlefield fans. This mode is set to be announced later this month. However, the company again says there are no plans to release a battle royale mode.

In a press release, EA chimed in saying:

“We have no plans for a Battle Royale experience in Battlefield 2042.”

On one hand, this is great news. The battle royale genre is crazily overcrowded at the moment with the giants like Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite and Apex Legends dominating the field. These games sit in the millions upon millions of players. In addition, EA and DICE tried the battle royale genre with Battlefield V and it did not go down well. The mode is forgettable and has been dead for years now.

While the Battlefield 2041 reveal trailer was fantastic to watch, we need to see these modes and gameplay in action. EA says players can expect to see more on 22 June during the EA Play stream. The developers will showcase the mysterious third game mode as well as other gameplay elements.

Battlefield 2042 is set to release on 22 October. Catch up on all our announcement coverage here.






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