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Battlefield 2042 Cheats Already For Sale Online

Battlefield 2042 isn’t even close to its release date yet but cheat sites have already started selling programs and hacks for the game. According to reports, certain sites, which we won’t mention here, claim to have already cracked their way into the shooter in order to create Battlefield 2042 cheats.

While this may sound impossible at this stage, it might actually be plausible. EA just recently wrapped up a closed technical test for Battlefield 2042 whereas players were given a small taste of the gameplay. This test was open to multiple platforms including console and PC. This also means that hackers and cheat creators had their first hands-on access to the PC build of the game.


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It doesn’t take much for a hacker to decompress game files on a PC and figure out how a video game works and runs. This is why modding is such a massive feature for PC games thanks to the freedom of files and the opportunities they create. Unfortunately, PC gaming does come with a downside and this is in the form of cheats.

Now that Battlefield 2042 has been tested in the wild, there’s no doubt that cheat programmers were part of the recent technical test and have already dug through the game’s core files in order to tweak them and create workable cheats. According to YouTuber Lossy, the current Battlefield 2042 cheats which are for sale include some common FPS hacks. These range from aimbots to ESPs. ESPs are hacks that highlight enemy players through walls. The cheat marketplaces are also offering radars that show off enemy teams.

Now while these hackers claim to have successfully created Battlefield 2042 cheats, don’t worry too much about this issue yet. The game is still two months away so hopefully, EA and DICE manage to implement some decent anti-cheat software into the game before it launches. We can only hope at this stage. Battlefield 2042 also features cross-play so this means console owners, who often live a peaceful cheat-free life, are also going to suffer from this issue.

Battlefield 2042 is set to launch on 22 October for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC. Check out the short film Exodus down below.

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