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Battlefield 2042 is Not an Xbox Game Pass Launch Day Title According to Reports

For some reason, the internet seems to believe that on 22 October 2021 when Battlefield 2042 releases, Xbox owners can download and play the game for free through their Xbox Game Pass subscription. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. According to reports from insiders both close to EA and Xbox, Battlefield 2042 is not coming to Game Pass so you best start saving to buy the game.

According to EA, Battlefield 2042 will offer some unique experience for Xbox Game Pass owners in the form of a 10-hour trial through EA Play. This will take place at launch and see players jump into the game in a sort of “demo” environment for 10 hours. Should they wish to purchase the game, they can then do so afterwards. However, as for the Battlefield 2042 Xbox Game Pass release, the game is not being added to the collection of games.


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Well-sourced ResetEra user Klobrille took to the forum in an attempt to shut down the rumours of a Battlefield 2042 Xbox Game Pass release. He says that the hype around a free game launch is only going to end up in disappointment.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]People really need to stop pushing the Battlefield on Game Pass thing. The only thing this leads to right now is some people being disappointed it’s not coming to Game Pass on launch day, which should’ve never been expected to begin with.[/perfectpullquote]
Shinobi also chimed into the thread saying that people are simply reading too much into this. He is referring to the constant hope of a Battlefield 2042 Game Pass release. Users seem to believe that just because Microsoft signs a marketing deal, or posts content on social media related to a third-party game, that it will be releasing on Xbox Game Pass.
With Microsoft’s E3 2021 conference kicking off this Saturday, users are in for a few surprises when it comes to new games on the platform and the Xbox Game Pass service. Unfortunately, Battlefield 2042 won’t be one of them. Unless all the insiders and sources have it completely wrong, of course.
Source: ResetEra

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