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Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Set For Early June Release

DICE has confirmed that the first season of Battlefield 2042 is finally set for release in early June this year, where they made the announcement alongside the official patch notes for update version 4.1. In the announcement DICE simply stated, “Season 1 is currently set for release in early June”.

Season 1 was originally planned shortly to release in early 2022 but it was delayed so that DICE could work on fixing the multiple issues with the original release game. Following a plethora of updates, DICE has finally revealed that Season 1 will soon release.

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Season 1 is meant to bring a new Specialist with it, alongside a Battle Pass, and Portal content, as confirmed by DICE before the game’s release. DICE also teased that Season 1 would introduce “some new sights” which could be a potential reference to a new map called Exposure.

DICE has previously stated that Battlefield 2042 will have four Seasons, each of them including its own Battle Pass, a new Specialist, as well as new locations, and more. However, it is unclear if the delay in rolling out the content will cause the plan to deviate, but DICE has promised to provide “a full overview and update notes closer to its release”.

Battlefield 2042’s recent update 4.1 is set to release on the 19th of May for all platforms. According to DICE, “the focus for this update is to deliver further fixes, and Quality of Life improvements, as well as to update our All-Out Warfare rotations, alongside some balance changes to weapons and Specialists”.

Battlefield 2042 has not had the easiest time since its launch where EA even admitted the game’s failure to its staff in an internal meeting. EA recognised that the shooter was shipped in a buggy and terrible launch state, citing the Covid-19 pandemic and problems with the Frostbite engine as some reasons for the failure.

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