Battlefield 6 “Heavily Influenced by Battlefield 3”, Also Coming to PS4, Xbox One – Rumour
Battlefield V 6 Tides of War Battlefield 2021
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The Battlefield 6 rumours are lighting up the internet at the moment as 2021 could be the year that players finally get a new game to play. The series has been in hiatus since 2018 when Battlefield V released and according to new rumours, the next instalment in the series could be bigger and better than ever. Most important of all, according to reports, the game will return to a modern-day setting and be heavily influenced by Battlefield 3.


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According to reliable insider Tom Henderson who published a video containing all the so-called “rumoured” features, the upcoming Battlefield 6 will include a 128 PvP mode, a battle royale and support for PS4 and Xbox One.

Henderson claims that Battlefield 6 is heavily influenced by Battlefield 3 and could be titled simply “Battlefield“. EA Games is treating the upcoming shooter as a “soft reboot” in the series. In addition, the game will emphasise large scale battles with maps that support up to 128 players.

There is a catch though. According to Henderson, the PS4 and Xbox One version of Battlefield 6 is being worked on at a different studio and will also include limited game modes and features. For example, the Xbox One and PS4 version will only include 32 vs 32 game modes and visual downgraded across the board. The iconic destruction which the series is known for will also be limited on the last-gen hardware.

Lastly, EA Games is also working on a fully-fledged battle royale mode for Battlefield 6. Those of you who remember, Firestorm was meant to be the battle royale experience for Battlefield 5. However, DICE all but abandoned the game mode soon after launch. The genre has some tough competition especially with Call of Duty: Warzone being the king of FPS battle royales so let’s hope they don’t flop this.

Keep in mind that everything mentioned above does come from Tom Henderson and while he has proved to be a reliable source in the past, take everything with a pinch of salt for now. You can watch the full breakdown video here and down below.






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