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Battlefield 7 Details Reportedly Leak Online

EA Games might still be struggling to get Battlefield 2042 off the ground but the company is allegedly already working on its sequel, Battlefield 7. According to a new leak, which we recommend you take with a pinch of salt, Battlefield 7 is in the works at DICE Stockholm.

The leak comes from a user on Reddit named Throwawaysnitch12. According to the user, the details come from someone who used to work at DICE. The original post claims they used to work at EA’s DICE studio in Stockholm before being fired for “no reason”.

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As a result of their departure from the studio, this employee has now spilt the beans on Battlefield 7 and its current development. The post claims that Battlefield 7 is targeting a 2024/2025 release date and is being built on a new engine.

We don’t know which engine DICE is using to create Battlefield 7 at this stage. Up to now, the studio has used its Frostbite Engine to power the franchise. The majority of EA Games’ projects have been built on this engine. This includes Star Wars: Battlefront, Dead Space Remake, Battlefield, Need for Speed and others.

It doesn’t make sense for EA to ditch its own in-house engine but perhaps the recent release of Battlefield 2042 revealed some kinks when it came to multiplayer development on Frostbite.

Battlefield 2042 Zero Hour

The report continues to state that EA will stop supporting Battlefield 2042 at the end of 2023 ahead of the announcement of Battlefield 7 next year. Battlefield 7 is also set in 2020 – 2030 and features a dedicated campaign.

The single-player campaign is a direct follow-up to Final Stand and focuses on stopping Russia from forming the PAC. Recker returns as the main playable character in the game too. The report claims that Battlefield 7 will feature huge set pieces and an “emotional backbone”.

As for the multiplayer, Battlefield 7 will reportedly bring back its 128-player PvP modes. It is also being made for new-gen hardware only. There are 7 planned launch maps with a “big destruction event” on each of them. A fully-destructible city is planned too.

Multiplayer will also feature the same gun customization as the current gunsmith. The game will also include a server browser mode for custom games. SBMM is being prototyped.

Ripple Effect is also reportedly working on a battle royale for Battlefield 7. It will be a free-to-play standalone game and feature the biggest map in the Battlefield franchise. It is double the size of Verdansk.

Little is known about this battle royale mode at this point. The report claims that helicopters and tanks can be summoned through contracts. There’s a large focus on Classes. The map is also set in Moscow and will reportedly see players fight across different locations while trying to extract from the area. They will then take their loot gained with them into the next match.

Of course, as leaks go, take this with a pinch of salt. While there might be some concrete details about the future of the Battlefield series here, we can’t assure you whether or not they are real.

Source: Reddit

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