Battlefield Reveal Countdown Begins – When and Where to Watch The Announcement
"It is finally happening!"
Battlefield Reveal livestream
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Later today the next instalment in the Battlefield series is being announced. However, EA has not been very open about when and where users can tune into the reveal until now. The publisher launched an official Battlefield reveal live stream on YouTube set to go live at 16:00 today.

But that is not the only place where EA has been adding and tweaking stuff. On Twitter, the official Battlefield account has once again started teasing cryptic messages to the community. There’s also a new profile picture that features a glitched-out Battlefield logo. The same is found across the DICE Twitter account too.


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The most important piece of information is the Battlefield reveal live stream and where you can go in order to watch it happen. Starting at 16:00 today, users can head over to YouTube or watch the live event take place down below.

The title of the video is Battlefield Livestream: Countdown to Reveal Trailer so let’s hope this video is not another teaser revealing yet another date or link to another trailer. EA has been dragging this Battlefield reveal for weeks now with an official announcement that took place earlier this month. Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait before we get to see the game in the flesh. Remember, 16:00 SAT today.

If you have missed it, check out the leaked screenshots for the game here along with the previous gifs that were stitched together to make a somewhat good-looking trailer.

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