DICE talks Battlefield V changes: Dialing down customization & gameplay changes
Battlefield V changes
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Looking at fan feedback after the Battlefield V beta, I think it is fair to say that we’ve never had such a mixed bag of views about a Battlefield game. One thing most do agree on is that EA DICE has a lot of technical issues to sort out before the launch day in November and all of these revolve around Battlefield V changes.

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EA DICE has revealed some of the changes, improvements, and fixes they will make based on player feedback from the open beta. I’ve collected many of these changes from different Twitter posts and YouTube sources.

Battlefield V – Customization Changes

In an effort to level the battlefield and appease the fans, EA is now willing to “tone down” on the Battlefield V character customization options. Players will still be able to change the appearance of tanks, aeroplanes, weapons and soldiers, but DICE is willing to remove the paint jobs that were a bit“crazy.” The news comes via the DICE Deep Dive livestream with Battlefield Global Community Manager, Dan Mitre, and he specifically talks about the reaction from fans after the global reveal trailer that showed the female cyborg/braveheart soldier.

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According to Mitre, we won’t be seeing those “massively crazy items” when Battlefield V launches in November. DICE Producer, Andrew Gulotta, who shared the livestream with Mitre, outright stated that “we heard the community,” that we got “a bit crazy” with the customization. The most important point DICE finally admitted to is that Battlefield players do want a certain level of ‘authenticity’ and they agree that they’ve pushed it too far. “We want Battlefield players to feel excited about customizing their character with authentic gear,” explains Gulotta. “We dialed it back a bit, it was a little crazy.”

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[su_pullquote align=”right”]”We want Battlefield players to feel excited about customizing their character with authentic gear”[/su_pullquote]


However, nothing is off the table, and if you want crazy, then it is still a possibility. DICE promised to keep a close eye on the customization issue and gauge community feedback on this sensitive matter. The way The Armoury is structured in Battlefield V makes it easy to add and remove items, and DICE will use this feature to gauge player sentiment.

If Battlefield V’s customization resembles what we saw in the Gamescom trailer (as opposed to the reveal trailer), then most fans will be happy with the feature

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Battlefield V – Other Changes

Lead Multiplayer Designer, Valerian Noghin, announced some changes and details via the official EA DICE Twitter account. Below are some of the most important changes and features.

Battlefield V Frontlines will accommodate 64 players when part of Grand Operations, and 32 players for all other modes. In Conquest, the base game maps will all have five to seven flags. The Final Stand section in Grand Operations will function like a mini, team-based, battle royale mode. When you die in Final Stand, and you are not revived in time, then you’ll move to Spectate where you’ll be able to watch your remaining squad members play.

When you played as a sniper in the open beta, you would’ve noticed the disruptive “screen shake” when aiming down the sights whenever a big explosion happened close by. DICE is toning down that shake, and in the final build the shake will be “less intrusive.”

DICE is working on improving audio feedback pertaining to gunshots, so it will be a better indicator of where you are being attacked from. They are also making some changes to “flinching’ when getting hit. When you get shot in the head, the shock from that will have less of an impact, with your head being a bit more stable. Hitboxes will be more “refined” to improve gunplay consistency and to balance with “what you see as a player.” DICE is also adding hitboxes to hands. In the beta, players reported an issue where they aimed for a headshot, but it got blocked by other body parts. The aforementioned changes will fix that issue.

Summary of new known issues, fixes & changes

  • DICE is working on fixing the Bipod mechanic issues
  • Option to spawn with a health pouch is in testing
  • Working on support for a low-latency option on PS4, Xbox One and PC
  • Planes are getting a lot of tweaks
  • Improved HUD to make it more visible against certain backgrounds
  • Tweaking the “bleed time” when downed – currently a bit shorter than the beta time

DICE also announced that they are working on a Battlefield V “Training Map,'” and that “nimble tanks” will be available at launch. DICE will probably make an official post detailing all the post-beta changes.

Battlefield V releases on 20 November for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. I hope DICE allows time for a second open beta the launch day.






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