Battlefield V Content Roadmap Revealed – Metro is Coming Back
Battlefield V
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At EA Play last night, DICE revealed the Battlefield V content roadmap and it looks pretty great, with several maps, new weapons and more. Before we look at the Battlefield V content roadmap, there is another big announcement for the game. Battlefield V is heading to the Vault, which means those with an EA Access or EA Origin subscription will be able to play the game for free. This move by EA will definitely boost the player numbers for the game across platforms, including the PS4 which is getting EA Access next month.

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With the reveal of the Battlefield V content roadmap for Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, there are a bunch of new maps. Four maps will be released in Chapter 4. Chapter 4: Defying the Odds will kick off on 27 June with the massive Al Sundan map so you won’t have to wait long to play the new content. Between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 which takes players to the Pacific theater, Metro is coming back.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

Yes, that map players either hated or loved from Battlefield 3 will be making a comeback and it will be called Operation Underground. This map will release in October 2019 before Chapter 5 kicks off. DICE explains that:

Fans of the classic Operation Métro map are in for a treat as we lifted the veil on another upcoming map: Operation Underground. Inspired by the fan-favorite Battlefield 3 map, it will deliver tight, infantry-focused action with more flexibility and new, fun ways to get around. The areas will be diverse, and different playstyles will be supported, as you fight through urban streets, courtyards, the plaza area, service tunnels, train platforms, and more.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

For a look at the entire Battlefield V content roadmap, check out the lengthy image below detailing all the content and when it is coming to the game.

Battlefield V

Are you excited for the Battlefield V content coming your way and what are your thoughts on Metro? Let us know in the comment section below.






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