Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Delayed
Battlefield V Tides of War
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Last night, after DICE showcased Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture via Twitch, they announced that due to unexpected issues the update will be delayed. There is no new release date, but DICE expects Overture to roll out soon.

As we were preparing the final checks in releasing our next game update Chapter 1: Overture tomorrow, we’ve encountered a couple of issues as we implement some of the new improvements to the game and servers.

Overture was expected to roll out today alongside a 14-page update that brings a host of improvements to the game. During the Battlefield V Tides of War Overture livestream, we also got a look at the new vehicle customization feature, more details about the Panzerstorm map, a brand new trailer for the final War Stories episode, The Last Tiger, and lots more.

Battlefield V Overture Battlefield 6

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Battlefield V Tides of War replaces the traditional Premium Pass and allows all players to journey together. Those who complete the weekly challenges unlock special rewards, and for Overture, these include four new weapons (news via Battlefield Bulletin).

  • Week 1: Vickers K, a gas-operated, rapid-firing machine gun
  • Week 2: Ribeyrolles 1918 machine gun used by the French Army (TBC)
  • Week 3: Selbstlader 1906, a German semi-automatic rifle
  • Week 4: Automatgevär m/42, a Swedish semi-automatic rifle

If you miss any of the rewards, then you’ll be able to obtain it at a later stage, details to be confirmed.

Tides of War map

Battlefield V Tides of War sees the release of the first new map, Panzerstorm, and if you’ve missed Battlefield’s signature all-out tank warfare, then this is for you. Panzerstorm allows up to 17 tanks in a single map. To balance tank warfare, three new reinforcements also releases. The map also caters for plenty of ambush opportunities to take out tanks. Panzerstorm is based on the German invasion into Belgium with the Battle of Hannut. It is recorded as one of the largest clash of tanks in armoured warfare history.

For those who enjoy the customization feature, there’s the new vehicle customization for tanks and planes that releases with Overture. If you complete The Last Tiger War Story, then you’ll unlock the exclusive Tiger 1 vehicle skin.

Battlefield 6

Remember, customizations don’t change your weapon or vehicle stats; it is only cosmetic changes. To change your stats you use the Specializations feature that tweaks how your vehicle or weapon handles, it also doesn’t change the core mechanics of the item.

Lastly, with the Battlefield Tides of War: Overture update we also get the Practice Range where you can test out different weapons and vehicles. For example, in the Shooting and Driving Trials, you can practice your aim and driving skills against pop-up targets. You can also hone those flying techniques by taking a Spitfire for a spin. The Practice Range is based on Battlefield V’s biggest map, Hamada.

Although I loved Battlefield V’s War Stories, I felt that it was a bit short when compared to Battlefield 1. Overture releases the final single-player campaign, The Last Tiger, and places us in the shoes of a troubled German tank operator and his crew.

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