Battlefield V TTK Changes Roll Out Today & New “Hardcore” Server Playlist Added
Battlefield V TTK
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The hotly debated Battlefield V TTK (Time to Kill) and TTD (Time to Death) changes roll out today across all servers. Both features have been issues of contention since the Battlefield V alpha right through to launch and it is still a sensitive topic.

Personally, I hated it in the beta but loved the changes DICE implemented with the final release of the game. TTK and TTD were hitting that sweet spot just right between getting hit and reacting to getting hit. DICE, however, felt it needed a little more tweaking that would favour pub play. Many Battlefield veterans are not going to be happy about the changes, and DICE knows this, and that is why they’re also releasing a new server called “Conquest Core” that also rolls out today.

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I am in two minds about the server; on the one hand it will surely split the small local community, but on the other hand it will deliver a great experience for Battlefield V players looking for a more challenging experience. DICE also plans to add to the new hardcore playlist over time. What will be interesting will be to compare the TTK and TTD rhythm between the two playlists.

Additionally, this new playlist will evolve over time and is the first step toward a traditional Battlefield “Hardcore” experience.

What I can gather from the official announcement, is that TTK will get more changes than TTD. DICE also specifically stated that this is an ongoing process and that further changes will roll out depending on player feedback. The decision to change the current TTD/TTD features in spite of a lot of protest is based on levelling the playing field – meaning, making it a bit easier. DICE will release a detailed list of all the changes rolling out today.

This is to ensure a more even gameplay experience for all of our players.

Personally, I feel DICE is making a mistake because part of the thrill of playing Battlefield V is its learning curve, and TTK has a direct impact on this. The current TTK/TTD ratios also force tighter squad play and squad play is at the heart of Battlefield V. The changes push players towards going lone ranger more than what it draws the squad together as a tight unit.

Did you prefer the current TTK/TTD ratios or were you hoping for changes, and will you be playing on the new hardcore server or stay with the current selections?






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