Bayonetta 3 Extended Gameplay Trailer Nintendo Switch

Bayonetta 3 Gets 7-Minute Extended Gameplay Trailer

Bayonetta 3 appeared at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct event, albeit as a short trailer. Following the show, however, Nintendo released a 7-minute extended gameplay trailer that offered a deep dive into some of the mechanics and combat intricacies of Platinum Games’ anticipated action title. This new footage comes ahead of the game’s release later next month.

The extended gameplay trailer for Bayonetta 3 gave fans a lot to chew on and digest. The trademark flashy style and fast-paced combat of Platinum Games makes a return, but the trailer also showcases a few new locations, enemies and moves.

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Witch Time makes a return from the previous games, but now Bayonetta is able to summon powerful Infernal Demons to fight alongside her in combat. Players will then be able to directly control one of these demons, but this leaves Bayonetta vulnerable for the time you’re controlling them. Demons can also be summoned as combo finishers or used as counterattacks. Summoning demons in Witch Time allows Bayonetta to increase her damage output but limit her vulnerability.

Of course, Bayonetta can also turn into a demon through Demon Masquerade. This ability lets her turn into demons bound to her weapons, with each weapon providing a different demon. One of the more striking additions is her ability to turn into Madama Butterfly through her weapons, though it will also allow her to turn into a giant spider too.

In addition to Bayonetta, newcomer Viola was also given some of the spotlight, showing her abilities and her pact with the demon cat Cheshire. Viola can fight alongside Cheshire, but this takes away her melee weapons and prevents her from blocking. Instead of dodging to activate Witch Time, Viola has to block in order to activate it.

Bayonetta 3 releases on 28 October 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Check out the extended gameplay footage below (note that it is age-restricted for obvious reasons).

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