Bayonetta 3 Includes a Nudity Censoring Mode For The Kids

"She will leave her hair clothes on"

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Bayonetta 3 Includes a Nudity Censoring Mode For The Kids

Platinum Games has confirmed that the upcoming Bayonetta 3 will feature a nudity censoring mode that allows players to quickly toggle on and off Bayonetta’s clothes when she is performing certain moves. This will prevent younger eyes from witnessing her gorgeous physique when she is destroying the demons that are trying to kill her.

The mode in Bayonetta 3 is called “Naive Angel Mode”. Platinum Games says that the studio wanted more people to enjoy the game so they equipped it with this option. This way, Bayonetta 3 goes from an R-18 game to a 16+ rated game. The studio says by setting this mode to On, players can enjoy the game in the living room without people walking in and seeing titties.

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In the past two Bayonetta games, the lead witch would perform her powerful moves and by doing so, when would use her hair to summon beastly demons from the underworld. The catch is that Bayonetta’s outfits were actually made of her hair so it would unravel leaving her stark naked. The new Naive Angel Mode will now leave the hair on her outfits when she performs these attacks meaning she will remain clothed at all times.

I played Bayonetta 1 and 2 countless times and in all honestly, I never ever looked at the game as being anywhere close to nude. Her hair still covered most of her body giving us the illusion of her being naked. Clearly, Platinum Games thought it was still too naked for most people. Here’s an example of how the mode works in Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3 releases on 28 October for Nintendo Switch. Catch up on the release date news and trailers here.

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