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Bayonetta Creator’s Twitter Account Disabled Following Voice Artist Controversy

It has been an interesting weekend for the Bayonetta series. On Saturday, the original voice artist behind the main character, Hellena Taylor revealed exactly why she was not in the latest game, Bayonetta 3. According to Taylor, she was offered only $4000 to reprise her role in the latest game. Which, she claims was an insult to her career and the series which has sold millions of copies to date.

Taylor has urged fans of the series to boycott the new game and asked her fans to cancel their pre-orders and donate the money to charity instead. Further investigation revealed that the developer Platinum Games’ claim that her workload and schedule did not allow her to work on the project was indeed false.

After posting a series of videos, Taylor has garnered millions of views on Twitter after breaking her silence regarding the low price for her Bayonetta 3 role. However, that did not stop Jennifer Hale from stepping up to play the character in the upcoming game.

Of course, all this drama also caused Bayonetta’s creator to step out of the shadows. Soon after Taylor’s rampage on Twitter, Kamiya also took to the social media platform to express his displeasure on the matter. In a series of tweets, he openly attacked Taylor for her videos saying that her actions were “sad and deplorable”. He follows up by saying “beware of my rules”.

Hideki Kamiya has been known for his aggressive nature on social media. Users who tweet at him and complain about stuff or even give him feedback regarding his work often get blocked. In fact, Kamiya has likely blocked more people on Twitter than anyone else on the platform. He even has a set of rules that he abides by on Twitter:

  • Check my log/profile before you tweet
  • No repeated questions
  • No advice
  • No tagging me in your conversation
  • No request or asking about games which are not mine/our IP.
  • No Bayo2. No MGR.
  • No shit posts

Due to the ongoing drama and negativity surrounding the Bayonetta 3 voice work, Twitter temporarily disabled Kamiya’s account. Reports suggest it was disabled due to invalid login attempts by unhappy fans. But it didn’t last long enough. Kamiya soon gained access to his account again and carried on posting about the Hellena Taylor controversy. In one specific tweet, Kamiya says he was still in “parasite Shimade mode”.

The Hellena Taylor drama hasn’t settled down yet. She has received support from dozens of industry veterans but it seems there’s more to the story than meets the eye. The former Platinum Games producer expressed his frustration on the matter before deleting his tweets. He said:

“I’m so incredibly disappointed. The Bayonetta team did not deserve what happened to them today. I don’t believe that is the full story. At all. And I hate that all the internet knows how to do is retweet. I love Hellena. I love the team. But what happened today is shameful.”

I don’t know about you but this tweet sounds like there’s something Hellena Taylor isn’t telling us…. Bayonetta 3 launches on 28 October only on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Twitter

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