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Bayonetta Voice Actress Hints She Might Not be in Third Game

The lady behind the voice of Bayonetta, Hellena Taylor has fans worried. The actress has been dropping hints on Twitter over the past few days that seemingly point to her not appearing in Bayonetta 3. Of course, while the game is named after the main character, we haven’t seen anything from the title yet that confirmed her being the lead character.

Up to now, we have only seen the teaser trailer that dropped back in 2017 during The Game Awards. However, the teaser trailer didn’t spell out good news for Bayonetta as she seemingly fights for her life before being chopped in half. You can see this as her legs separate before disappearing. If it wasn’t for that trailer, we wouldn’t have to worry about Taylor’s tweets but she has officially set the fear in us.

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In a series of tweets, Hellena Taylor replied to fans who were tweeting about the series. Twitter user Yousif tweeted saying that he couldn’t imagine Bayonetta without her amazing voice. Taylor then replied saying “well you might have to”.

When further asked by fans whether or not she would return in Bayonetta 3, Taylor continued to drop hints that she might not be part of the game. Another fan asked her what she meant by her previous reply in which she replied by saying “I’m not at liberty to say”.

Jean Pierre Kellams, who previously worked on the English adaptions of Bayonetta 1 and 2 jumped into the conversation. Kellams has since left PlatinumGames but claims that he would “lead the riot” if Hellena Taylor isn’t in Bayonetta 3. His tweet didn’t help the settle down fans who are now more worried than ever about the fate of the game.

Will Hellena Taylor voice the lead role in Bayonetta 3? At the moment it sounds as if she isn’t part of the project. If she was, she would know about it and wouldn’t be dropping these unsettling hints on Twitter. We also don’t know how the development of Bayonetta 3 is going. PlatinumGames recently reaffirmed to fans that the game is “okay” and “there’s no need to worry”. It has been years since we saw the teaser trailer. Granted, covid-19 happened and studios were affected.

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