Beautiful Desolation – Watch 15 Minutes of South African-Developed RPG Running on PS4
"Out 28 May 2021"
Beautiful Desolation South African-Developer Game PS4
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Untold Tales, publisher for Beautiful Desolation on PS4 and Switch has shared a lengthy gameplay demo for the upcoming South African-developed RPG. Not only does the gameplay video touch on the backstory of the game but also gives us a good look into how the game runs on PS4 using a controller.

According to the video, Beautiful Desolation is set in a strange futuristic timeline that warps the player to an unknown era. This being after strange alien technology is discovered off the coast of Cape Town that advances the human civilization by decades. However, after being warped to a strange and twisted future, the player must explore this weird South African landscape, fight mutated beasts and try and uncover all the mysteries that surround the environments.


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The video explains that just like in South Africa, Beautiful Desolation includes a range of unique biomes to explore. Players will be able to fly over the continent using their troop transporter. Once a player reaches a massive teleporter called a Warden, they can jump back and forth from different locations in the country.

If you are a South African, the game’s voice work will sound very familiar. That is because the main character is voiced by a South African. There are also over 40 unique characters to meet with fully voiced dialogue that adds to the immersion the game is trying to achieve. Combine that with a stunning world and some flashy cinematics, and you have yourself a truly unique RPG.

Apart from flying around an open world, exploring towns and speaking to people, players will also take on various puzzles and combat encounters. While the game thrives on its unique narrative, range of tribes and characters and of course fantastic-looking world, there’s a lot more to do in Beautiful Desolation.

Beautiful Desolation launches on 28 May for PS4 and Switch. The game is currently available on PC.

About Beautiful Desolation

You are a stranger to this land – a post-apocalyptic African landscape, reshaped by alien technology. You have a world to explore and crucial story choices to make in a sci-fi adventure like no other. Explore a world and setting left pretty much untouched by other games. Meet and interact with over 40 unique and bizarre characters, each fully voiced by authentic African voice actors, with thousands of lines of dialogue and multiple conversation paths. Additionally, CGI cutscenes are strewn throughout the story. All accompanied by a vibrant and highly experimental soundtrack by none other than Mick Gordon, known for his work on DOOM, Prey and Wolfenstein.

Take a look at the gameplay video down below:

Source: YouTube

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