Bee Simulator is Buzzing With Charm in This Launch Trailer

Bee Simulator
Bee Simulator is Buzzing With Charm in This Launch Trailer

Probably the most important simulator you will ever play has arrived. We have been following Bee Simulator for a while now and this educational adventure has launched worldwide. If you don’t know, Bee Simulator not only aims to educate you on the importance of bees but it will also take you through a vibrant and colourful world as you learn to be well, a bee. This new simulator has been developed by Varsav Game Studios and published by BigBen Interactive.

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The game features some great and approachable modes including co-op and PvE. You will explore the world through the eyes of a bee as you travel across four giant maps performing bee tasks. The game has been designed in such a way that you will have to face real threats that bees face in the real world such as hive invasions from predators and even the human threat.

Every bee has its role to play in the game as you collect pollen, explore the giant landscapes and make sure to do your part to help the world around you.

The latest launch trailer for the game is here and it showcases some snippets of gameplay including what you will do as you discover the world around you.

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You can grab Bee Simulator today from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Nintendo Switch eShop and the Epic Games Store. You can also grab it through KOODOO. 

Stay tuned in the coming days as we share a full Bee Simulator review with you. Be sure to visit the official site for more information on the game,

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