Bernie Sanders Successfully Creates Another Iconic Meme
Bernie Sanders Meme
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If you have been on the internet this morning then you have probably seen images of a man sitting in a chair with his arms crossed looking rather pissed off. Believe it or not but this is none other than Bernie Sanders. The same man who spawned the “Once Again Asking” meme. Bernie Sanders seems to be the meme machine as his newest chair photo has gone viral.


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The moment the camera panned to him during the United States Presidential Inauguration ceremony people could not help but give in to his iconic yet unsettling pose. Bernie is seen sitting in a folding chair watching President Joe Biden’s inauguration. According to the fashion at the event, Washington DC was quite chilly at a 4-degree Celsius (of 40 degrees Fahrenheit). Given Bernie’s age, he is obviously practising social distancing and is sitting alone on a ledge with no one near him.

But the true magic comes in his unsettling body language and his oversized mittens. He has his legs crossed and his arms folded and the “I do not want to be here” attitude. If you look carefully, Bernie is actually wearing the same jacket he had on when he spawned the “Once Again Asking” meme. Of course, the internet has had its way with Bernie Sanders and his new meme and we are here for it.

Take a look at a collection of the best Bernie Sanders memes down below.






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