South Africa, Send Us Your Best Apex Legends Kill And Appear On The Glitched Show
Best Apex Legends Kill
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There is no doubt that everyone and their cat is playing Apex Legends right now. The game is free, it is not Fortnite, it is awesome, has great team play and did I mention it is not Fortnite? We want South Africa to show us their Apex Legends skills. We want your best Apex Legends kill.

We want to show off your skills to the world in an upcoming episode of our show, Glitched that is airing later this week. All you need to do is record or send us a recording you already have of your best kill in the game. Be it a clumsy kill of yourself or an epic multi-kill. Whatever made you scream on the inside, we want it!

We will sort through them and pick the top 5 we think are just way more hardcore than the rest of them. The five clips will then feature on Glitched throughout the next episode and we will share who it is from and the platform you are playing on.

How to get Glitched famous?

  • Upload your kill clip to any online storage box (Dropbox, Wetransfer, OneDrive, Google Drive etc)
  • email a sharable link to [email protected]
  • Make sure to include your name or alias or Gamertag and where in SA you reign from in the email
  • Try to keep your clip short and sweet so it is easier for us to focus on the kill.

We will email back to tell you that your clip has been chosen so you can keep your eyes open for the episode.






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