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Best MSI Value Deals in July

When things are as expensive as they are now, we want to get the most bang for our bank for anything we buy. These deals from MSI in the month of July give us just that, especially if you are in the market for a new gaming PC, or just a couple of components.

MSI is currently running two promotions, each with its own respective value. The first offers a $40 USD Steam code for you to acquire your first set of games with the combo purchase of an MPG chassis and MPG power supply. The second promotion is for those looking at getting a whole new desktop setup where you can get 3 months worth of Xbox Game Pass free.

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The first promotion, titled Plan Don’t Leak, offers the $40 USD Steam code – roughly R650 – if you purchase a combination of qualifying MPG chassis’ and MPG PSUs. MSI has noted that you can purchase these as part of a build or simply as a bundle and still be eligible for the Steam code, as long as the MPG chassis and PSU are bought together.

The promotion ends on the 31st of July but you will have until the 14th of August to redeem the Steam code. You can follow the link here to find out how to redeem your code.

The second promotion offers the 3-month Xbox Game Pass if you purchase the MSI pre-built MAG CODEX X5 12th Gen desktop system. The desktop is quite powerful – full specs below – and combined with the 3-month offering from Game Pass, you can enjoy your new system rather well. Not only does Xbox Game Pass for PC offer a rather large library of PC games, along with monthly additions of new titles, but all members of Xbox Game Pass for PC have access to EA Play as well.

  • MSI MAG Codex X5 12th gen Gaming Desktop Specifications:
    • Intel Core i7 12700KF
    • GeForce RTX 3070 TI
    • Liquid Cooling
    • 16GB DDR5 memory
    • 512GB PCIE Gen4 SSD
    • 750W ATX PSU
    • Wi-Fi 6E
    • Lightning Gen5 PCI-E
    • Win11 Home Plus
    • 2 Years Warranty

This promotion ends on the 25th of July but you have until the 31st of August to redeem the Xbox Game Pass for PC code. You can follow the link here for redemption instructions.

MSI MAG CODEX X5 12th Gen Desktop x Xbox Promotion

If you are looking looking for a new chassis, PSU or just an entirely new desktop make sure you take a look at these promotions to get the best value for money that you can right now.

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