Bethesda is Finally Killing its Game Launcher and Moving to Steam

"Can't prevent the inevitable"

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Bethesda is Finally Killing its Game Launcher and Moving to Steam

In a world filled with dozens of proprietary game launchers, Bethesda has decided to shut its own one down and move over to Steam (insert holy praise tune here). Bethesda announced that in April, the Bethesda Game Launcher will die and users will move their game purchases and account information over to Steam.

The Bethesda Game Launcher went live back in 2018 in an attempt to bypass the 30% cut Valve took from Steam purchases. However, it was just another pain for gamers to download, keep updated and manage. Not to mention the number of times you had to reset your password and account information because The Elder Scrolls Online used a different account than the actual launcher. Or was that only me?

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Bethesda says that the Game Launcher will soon provide instructions on how users can migrate their content over to Steam. The company says no one will lose anything from your account. Most saved games data will move across from Bethesda to Steam. However, some game data like Wolfenstein: Youngblood will require players to manually move their saves for some reason.

Friends lists and purchases will also migrate over to Steam but Bethesda says they aren’t getting rid of accounts with the move. Players will still use these accounts to log into specific games and services like Fallout 76.

The company says that once the migrate option is live, players should start moving their games across as soon as possible. The launcher support will end at the end o April 2022.

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