Let’s not beat around the bush here. The upcoming Far Cry New Dawn looks very similar to Bethesda’s RAGE 2. While the gameplay may be very different, there is no denying that the art direction has a questionable choice of colour palette.

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Bethesda decided to call Ubisoft out in the best way possible by recreating the key art from Far Cry New Dawn but with a RAGE 2 twist. They then called the art “RAGE 2 Newer Dawn”. The image shows off two characters sitting in the same position as the main antagonists in the Far Cry New Dawn key art.

The image even has the same weight and layout making it quite the jab from Bethesda. The developer tweeted this image and then Ubisoft responded to saying “Glad you like our art! If you also need a new trailer, here’s a good one:” and linked the latest story trailer for the game.

Bethesda responded with the infamous “pointing Spider-Man meme” and it broke the internet. It is great to see two developers having at it against each other online for fun and games. The uncanny resemblance between the two games has been the elephant in the room ever since Ubisoft announced Far Cry New Dawn back in December last year. Far Cry New Dawn is almost here as Ubisoft announced yesterday that the game went gold ahead of its 15 February 2019 release. Stay tuned next week for some hands-on impressions of the game as Glitched is attending a preview event soon.

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