Bethesda Reveals 15-Minutes of Starfield Gameplay

"Our first real look at Bethesda's title"

Starfield Bethesda Game Studios Leak Details
Bethesda Reveals 15-Minutes of Starfield Gameplay

Bethesda finally dropped our first real look at the upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield at the Xbox Bethesda Showcase, by revealing a 15-minutes of actual gameplay. The reveal was introduced by Bethesda’s Todd Howard and showcases a section fairly early into the game.

Starfield was, naturally, the closing segment of the Xbox Bethesda Showcase giving fans the chance to truly revel in the gameplay video without concentrating on what is coming up next. The showcase also gave us a look at what to expect from the character customisation when we boot up Starfield.

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In the video, we can also see what appears to be a skill tree, covering multiple aspects of our characters including combat, physical, social, science and tech. We assume these will cover attributes associated with vitality, strength, combat skills, as well as others.

In the gameplay reveal we also get a look at the ship customisation, looking at a multitude of pods and modules that we can adjust or add to our ship. These will no doubt be beneficial for the exploration of unknown planets and environments that will make our space-faring journeys that much greater.

On the topic of space fare, we get glimpses and flashes of some space flight scenes, combat encounters and planet exploration. From what we can tell, our trips into the galaxy are going to be quite exciting and interesting, to say the least.

The video closed off with panning shots of some stunning environments that appear to be teeming with opportunities to explore. The final scenes of the video gave us a look at how we would be analysing planets and star systems, scanning surfaces for information as well as multiple shots of different planet surfaces, terrain and animals.

Starfield was meant to release this year but Bethesda delayed it to 2023, along with its other anticipated project, Redfall. The delay was implemented as developers were worried that the title would become “the next Cyberpunk 2077” if it was not delayed again.

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