Bethesda Says Redfall Will Eventually Be a Good Game

Bethesda has assured fans that the studio is still working on Redfall despite the months of silence from the development team. Redfall released back in May and the game was likely one of the worst launches of the year next to The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. Not only was it incredibly buggy but the game lacked visual polish and was littered with mediocre gameplay elements.

Last month, Redfall players called out Bethesda for its lack of transparency regarding game updates and improvements. Players were frustrated that the studio abandoned the game with no sign of the supposed “60FPS Xbox Series X” update or general gameplay improvements in sight.

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Bethesda wants gamers to know they haven’t been forgotten. In a new interview with Pete Hines, he says the studio is confident that Redfall will eventually be a good game. Hines claims that Redfall will be a good game that people want to play on Game Pass ten years from now.

In the interview, Hines claims that Bethesda is known for launching games that “don’t go away”. He says that previous games such as Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online didn’t launch as they intended but the studio worked on fixing issues and improving the experience.

“We are the same company that has had launches that didn’t go the way we wanted, and we don’t quit or abandon stuff just because it didn’t start right. The Elder Scrolls Online’s PC launch was not flawless but we stuck with it. Now it’s like this insanely popular multiplatform. It’s the same with Fallout 76. Redfall is no different for us. Okay, we didn’t get the start we wanted, but it’s still a fun game… and we’re going to keep working on it. We’re going to do 60fps. We’re going to get it to be a good game because we know, as a first-party studio, Game Pass lives forever. There will be people ten years from now who are going to join Game Pass, and Redfall will be there.”

There’s still radio silence regarding Redfall and its promised game updates and DLC. Players who purchased the game have especially felt annoyed that Bethesda has abandoned them. However, this interview is hopefully a sign that things are going to change. There’s still no word on any planned content for Redfall.


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