Bethesda Screws Up Again, This Time With the Fallout 76 Ultrawide Mode
Fallout 76 ultrawide
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The recent Fallout 76 ultrawide mode is reportedly only an edit of the INI file and not a true reflection of 21:9 resolution. On Tuesday, Bethesda released the first of two Fallout 76 updates to hit in December, with the promised 21:9 resolution support included in the patch.

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We haven’t tested the Fallout 76 ultrawide mode, but according to Redditor u/AbheekG, it is anything but pretty. Text and objects clearly looked stretched, and animations appear to be broken. u/AbheekG posted a few images on Imgur that shows the new ultrawide “fix.”

To make it even worse, u/AbheekG explains that Nexus MOD released their own fix for the Fallout 4 ultrawide mode and that it looks perfect. Comparing the Fallout 76 ultrawide screenshots taken by AbheekG to these screenshots of Fallout 4’s ultrawide mode using the Nexus mod shows a massive difference.

Keep in mind that modders managed to fix the issue on older tech while Bethesda who reportedly took a month to work on the Fallout 76 ultrawide support couldn’t deliver something of the same quality. Below is a screenshot of Fallout 4 ultrawide support using the Nexus mod.

Fallout 4 ultrawide

Naturally, modders released their own Fallout 76 ultrawide update, and the result is much better than what Bethesda managed.

A modder without access to the source code did what Bethesda didn’t in a whole month! Even more amazing when you think this patch has probably been out a while already. Just amazing Bethesda, just amazing.

Bethesda was once one of seven developers we buy games from on day one without any questions asked. Sadly, after the fiasco that is Fallout 76, that trust has been broken.

Check out the Fallout 76 ultrawide screenshot below – proudly fixed by an unknown modder.
Fallout 76 ultrawide mod







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