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Bethesda Talks Starfield Role-Playing, Locations and More in New Video

Bethesda Game Studios has released their second episode of Into the Starfield titled “Made for Wanderers” that talks about the game’s role-playing elements, locations and more. Bethesda’s Todd Howard sits down with some key Starfield developers to discuss certain aspects of the game’s factions and freedom too.

During the sit-down with Starfield game director Todd Howard, design director Emil Pagliarulo, lead quest designer Will Shen, and lead artist Istvan Pely, the team discussed the game’s stronger focus on role-playing this time around, comparing certain actions/consequences and dialogue options to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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It sounds like Bethesda Game Studios want to take Starfield back to a larger focus on player agency and freedom through stronger role-playing opportunities. The player is ultimately making their own journey and story in the game, and it’s simply up to them to decide where to start, what to do next and who to side with.

In addition to detailing some of the role-playing elements, the team also talked about concept art that shows off various locations from the game. These space colonies – often sprawling, beautiful cities and towns for players to explore – seem to house plenty of secrets, NPCs and stories to unravel as they venture out.

Bethesda also talks about their experiences with previous games and how that helped shape Starfield in many ways. It doesn’t exactly sound like they just want to make Skyrim in space, but rather something more unique and as memorable.

Finally, it seems like we’re going to have companions in Starfield. One of them appears to be a robot who will comment on the player’s activities and findings, further adding to the immersion of the game.

Starfield is currently in development and launches on 22 November 2022 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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